SoC Lab

System On Chip Laboratory (SoC Lab) is founded by Professor Jeongjin Roh in September, 2001. SoC Lab has researched two topics, delta-sigma ADC to realize the high performance analog-to-digital data converter (ADC) and high efficiency power management units.


* New students invited [M.S/Ph.D course]*

* Requirements
-Anyone who is interested in SoC circuits.
* Supports
-Ph.D course : School tuition and the cost of living.
-M.S course : School tuition and the cost of living.
*** To contact professor, send email.

* BK21+ ( 2020 ~ 2027)*

- High reliability energy intelligent system semiconductor education research group.

* Samsung Electronics Strategic Industry-Academic Lab ( 2020 ~ 2025)*

- Joint research on Samsung Electronics' core circuit design field, selection of industry-academia scholarship students, and employment.

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